Who builds and films the most astonishing and creative Rube Goldberg / Robert Storm Petersen chain reaction? Let's build ONE BIG CROSS BORDER EUROPEAN CHAIN REACTION!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Belgian Chain Reaction (Belgium)

After a lot of hours experimenting and practising, finally we are ready to upload The Belgian Chain Reaction. We hope you like our entry and we look forward to watching appear the other videos to the blog! We wish you all the best for 2011!


  1. A fantastic chain reaction Dave- and all the children in Belgium. Well done and good luck in the voting from us here in Scotland :-)

  2. it's amazing Dave, well done :)
    Good luck with the vote :)

  3. A chain with many unexpected parts and great music at the background.
    Telling the truth it is a professional production, isn’t it.

  4. We like very much your well thought chain reaction and the music too.

  5. Hi!
    Your chain reaction was done completely PROFESIONALLY: excellent music, fabulous effects, the chain reaction with 2-3 breaks ('shocking' element, right?)and a little 'pinch' of humour and charm was led throuout the whole little masterpiece of yours!

    We were really very impresssed!

    Congratulation, Belgium!