Who builds and films the most astonishing and creative Rube Goldberg / Robert Storm Petersen chain reaction? Let's build ONE BIG CROSS BORDER EUROPEAN CHAIN REACTION!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Romanian Chain Reaction (Romania)


  1. Bogdan,

    A short video, but a good one! Thanks for all the efforts made by you and your children!

    Good luck on the voting!

  2. I like this ecological wooden chain reaction running under and over the wooden bridge. The music was a good addition and all together makes a nice work.

  3. It is a short video but a very nice video.
    I wish you good luck with the vote!

    Of a child in Belgium!

  4. Hi!
    We love this video for several reasons:
    -It is short, which I find the advantage!
    -It is clear and cute in the way the chain reaction was performed
    -It is educationally very acceptable (yes, wooden material gives a special feeling of solitude and some inner peace.
    -It is absolutely profesionally realised!
    Well done!!!!!

  5. I find this and beautiful Chain Reaction,
    truly formidable.

  6. I find this a very nice European Chain Reaction.
    It is short but beautiful.
    I wish you good luck with the vote.
    Greetings from Belgium!


  7. Babeau and Daphne18 January 2011 at 18:59

    Nice music!!

    Good luck with the vote.

    Babeau and Daphne from Belgium

  8. What a beautiful music to pace your chain reation. Very right your video. Congratulations.