Who builds and films the most astonishing and creative Rube Goldberg / Robert Storm Petersen chain reaction? Let's build ONE BIG CROSS BORDER EUROPEAN CHAIN REACTION!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The way things go ...

While we are all eagerly waiting for the final results of all the national votings to be published on Monday we would like to gap that bridge by presenting you a classical chain reaction film.
It was first shown here in Kassel in 1987 during the documenta exhibition and is now displayed in the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


  1. Steffen,

    This is the perfect video that shows in a perfect way what the project is all about!

    It also proves science and art meet each other in this project!!!

    Thanks for your post!


  2. Aren't there TOO much of fire, explosion, dust, then...fire again...
    As it is a Fire chain reaction!ž
    A frightening combination of explosive elements, don't you think so?
    I don't find it too appropriate for our Primary School children.
    Though, Dave, I agree, the video shows the amazing number of increadible chain-reactions.
    Still, too 'rude' for my taste!

    But, thanks for sharing this chain reaction, Steffen.
    My best to you all,

  3. Well, Ksenija, it's famous Modern Art.
    What can you do?

    I agree that there is a lot of wild stuff going on in that video. Some children will perhaps choose not to watch it for very long, but others are fascinated by how it all works and connects.

    The place was probably a mess when they were finished but the documenta visitors loved this exhibit back then. For us it is a piece of local history.