Who builds and films the most astonishing and creative Rube Goldberg / Robert Storm Petersen chain reaction? Let's build ONE BIG CROSS BORDER EUROPEAN CHAIN REACTION!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Scotland's chain reaction

Hello everyone!
Here is the chain reaction from the Scottish class, in Yester Primary School. The whole class took part in many tests, as the children thought about how they could create something completely on their own, and finally seven boys were chosen to create the end result. They had help and advice from the other pupils too.
We hope you enjoy watching the video, and we certainly look forward to seeing all the other chain reactions when we come back to school next week.
Good luck to all the competitors!


  1. Hi Michael and his science-wizards,

    I believe you guys did an excellent job! I like the idea of mixing up a chain reaction of things with a human chain reaction!

    Great job and I wish you all the best for the competition!

    Kind regards from Belgium!

  2. verry good job you've done Michael, good luck:)

  3. We enjoyed watching the video very much.
    It was a good solution to include a short interview as a follow up so that we all had a chance to listen to native speakers talking.

    By the way, I like the school uniforms.

  4. I find your chain reaction a very creative, innovative, humoristic and , in terms of chain reaction accomplishment-a very successful one!
    It's a great joy we felt today while we were watching Scottish video chain reaction!
    Well done, indeed!

  5. Hi, Scotland!
    We love your very imaginative, creative, cute well performed video!
    My children were thrilled to hear your introductions, as well!
    That made a difference-in a good sense of speaking!
    The film was a colplete success!

  6. Very interesting your pupils experience comments. It´s a very interesting and amazing video.